Terms and conditions

Property Access

If the contracted property is inaccessible on the date specified or other unforeseen circumstances the property will not be rescheduled during the same week of that maintenance period. The property will be charged as though the service for that week was completed. It is the homeowners/person in charge of said property’s sole responsibility to provide proper access to contracted property between agreed upon workable service dates.

 Obstructing Objects 

Any furniture, ornaments or objects obstructing the agreed upon service area is the sole responsibility of the homeowner to remove prior to scheduled service times. (Example, Trampoline in the backyard was left out. The service technician applies the fertilizer or weed treatments around the trampoline, and will not move or touch the trampoline.)

Refunds Policy

There are no-refunds after 15 days of purchase.

Renewal and Cancelations Policy

The service contract will auto-renewal on the date of March 1st every year to cancel the service contract a written notice 30 days prior the renewal date must be received. This is my priority address with his name and contact given at his purchase.  The company postal address is: PO Box 54001 Village Square, Calgary AB T1Y 6S6.

Property Damage

Natures Green Fertilizer and associates is not responsible for damage to or damage caused by unmarked irrigation systems, underground wires or anything below any property surface which is not visible to the naked eye. It is the sole responsibility of the person in trust of the property to fully inspect the entire contracted area and provide a workable debrisless area and remove loose objects that could cause damage or harm for that weeks maintenance prior to service.

The person in trust of the property must; identify and place adequate warning labels before service is to take place. Natures Green Fertilizer and associates hold the right to refuse service; if proper safety precautions have not been met by a licensed professional in that particular field. No refund or credit will be allotted if service interruption is taking place due to inadequate safety or improper inspection by the homeowner or someone in trust.

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