Organic Base Fertilizer

The Organic Gardener is a Canadian Company with a passion for growing a greener, environmentally friendly world.

Nature’s Organic Fertilizer has been providing quality natural and organic fertilizers for the lawn and garden in Alberta since Spring of 2011. We specialized in Organic Liquid Fertilizers. This year, we introduced our two blends of Organic Based Lawn Fertilizers in amazon.com.

We are proud to introduce 2 blends of our organic-based lawn fertilizer.

18 – 3 – 4 and 12 – 0 – 0 + 6% Fe

The first Organic Based Lawn Fertilizer is the 18-3-4 (NPK). It is good to use anytime of the year as complete nutrients supplements for your lawn.

The second Organic Based Lawn Fertilizer is the 12-0-0+ 6% Fe. A perfect fertilizer to use on Spring season as it helps to start up your lawn and promotes a greener grass rapidly due to the iron (Fe) inside.

Each 1 Litre of the fertilizers can cover up to 12500 Square feet. Enough to fertilize your lawn for a whole season. It’s good for up to 4 applications on a 3000 SQF of Lawn for a basic lawn fertilization. For a premium Lawn Fertilization, we recommend to use both blend 18-3-4 & 12-0-0+6Fe simultaneously on 2/3 weeks schedule that will give 8 applications by season.

4 Applications x 3000 Square Feet = One Season

All our fertilizers are made with organic certified base ingredients without any filling.  Additives like organic & naturals ingredients to produce Higher Nitrogen(N), Phosphor(P), Potassium(K) and Iron(Fe) are present that made our Fertilizers Organic Based

All our Fertilizers are 100% CANADIAN MADE.

Nature’s Green is an Organic Base Lawn Fertilizer made of all-natural ingredients and don’t contain any harmful chemicals but they still deliver amazing results.

Organic Base Fertilizer

Natures Green Fertilizer

We Offer Many Lawn Care Packages.

Keep your lawn healthy and green

Take a greener way to green grass with Natures Green Fertilizer Service. Our product is safe and eco-friendly and harnesses the power of organic materials to deliver vital nutrients to your lawn while enriching the soil. Natures Green Fertilizer is both an slow-release fertilizer, giving you broad coverage with less effort. Its fast delivery, deep greening and sustained performance can nourish your lawn for up to eight weeks. The search for a renewable, sustainable, high performance, bio-based fertilizer is over. Nature Green Fertilizer is the only fertilizer you will need.

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